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SGJ-GeoHornet is an all comprising GIS for the internet. Its use is not limited to presentation of geospatial data. In fact it is a complete application for the collection and editing of data as well as analysis of data the can be employed for the most complex tasks. Its essential properties are:

  • Simultaneous embedding of several data sources of different origin and with different coordinate reference systems on the basis of one coordinate reference system.
  • Operating all tasks of data capture, analysis, queries and presentation on the cross-section of all the embedded data sources.

The development of SGJ-GeoHornet has been strongly pushed by the research projects DecisionSupport Infrastructure (DSI) and Virtueller Wald NRW.

Multiple projects benefit form the outstanding qualities of this web based GIS:

  • Easy installation and intuitive administration of the application.
  • Basic system with standard-GIS-functionality.
  • Extensibility by further components.
  • Methods for authentication and authorization.
  • Ergonomic user interface.
  • Analysis methods for doing calculations on the attributes of all the features of the embedded data sources.
  • Display 2D/3D as graphic, map or 3D model.
  • Publishing of the the data sources as WMS or WFS.
  • Shared installation on multiple application servers in a cluster environment is possible.
  • Billing of third-party users for the use of single components of single functions of components